DuBard School for Language Disorders

DuBard School for Language Disorders is a school dedicated to serve children with speech and language disorders.

Each year, it is my pleasure to work with DuBard School for Language Disorders for their Thanksgiving lunch. It is truly a humbling experience to give back to the community and to interact with children who are so polite and thoughtful. These children work so hard and they are more than deserving of this feast. The teachers are incredible and selfless and dedicated to helping the students learn and grow and develop into wonderful individuals.

IMG_1394(2015 Thanksgiving Luncheon) Pictured is Chris Ortego, owner of Cotton Blues, and Kristen Barber, Event Coordinator, with students.


(2016 Thanksgiving Luncheon) Amanda Strange and her daughter, Kylie, enjoying lunch time together. Amanda had just surprised Kylie at the school. In reference to DuBard school, Amanda said, “They are a miracle for children with language disorders. I think it is simply amazing. Kylie went in with a very limited vocabulary with gibberish between words. Now, she speaks and writes in full sentences!”


(2016 Thanksgiving Luncheon) Mr. Ortego is interacting with the Pilgrims and Indians during the luncheon.


For opportunities to give or donate, please visit https://www.usm.edu/dubard/giving-dubard-school