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Comfort food for when you need it | Call 601.450.0510

Hattiesburg, as we all adjust to the new ways of life required to fight COVID-19, we have decided to offer pre-cooked comfort food for you and your family. Beginning Wednesday March 18, we will offer prepped and ready to heat meals that you can purchase for a family of four. 

The meals will vary from day-to-day, but they will always be comforting family friendly staples like shepherd’s pie, lasagna, blackened chicken Alfredo pasta and others. Each fully-cooked meal will come in disposable aluminum pans that you can pop in the oven to heat at your convenience. 

We hope this will help break-up the monotony of cooking every day at home, and it may also provide home-cooked comfort for those on the front lines responding to the coronavirus or the elderly in need.

Each order will cost $50 plus tax, and will feed a family of four. We will also offer dessert upgrades where you can get our famous cheesecakes and pies at a discounted rate. 

Further, if you would like to order a meal as a thank you for your neighbors that are working tirelessly in the healthcare or retail/grocery industry, that can be arranged as well.  We can also deliver to anyone that may be medically vulnerable during this unprecendeted time.

How this will work

Each day, on our Facebook page, we will announce what we’re cooking.

The meals will be available for pick-up or delivery (if you live within our delivery area).

You’ll just need to call us at 601.450.0510

We will also continue to offer delivery and pick up of many of your favorite Cotton Blues dishes. You can learn more about that here.

Closing our dining room

We have decided to close our dining room. While it’s not required by local or state government at this time (March 17), we feel that closing our dining room will allow us to focus our energy on take-out and delivery. We also think it’s the safest way to distribute food to our community.

We know government officials will have to make a lot of difficult decisions with few practical options. We support each and every one of them.

Thank you for understanding. We look foward to your take-out and delivery orders and we can’t wait to switch back to the norm on the other side. 

we’ve expanded our temporary menu pick-up and delivery

single plate and family meals.

Temporary Menus as of 3/24/20

Daily comfort food family meals

We’ll also continue to offer our daily Comfort Food Family Meals, which we will announce on our Facebook page the night before they come available. These vary from day-to-day but will always be comforting family friendly staples like shepherd’s pie, chicken and dumplings, blackened chicken Alfredo pasta and others. Each fully-cooked meal will come in disposable aluminum pans that you can pop in the oven to heat at your convenience. 

Current Hours

Monday – Saturday — 11 am-7 pm
Sunday– 11 am-4 pm

Safety is our top priority

We know many of you have concerns about COVID-19 (Coronavirus). To make ordering food as safe as possible, we have decided to modify our menu and also offer delivery directly to you by our trusted Cotton Blues team.

Why are we doing this? 

As you may know, Cotton Blues has a lot of choices on our regular menu, and we cook just about everything from scratch. Doing so requires a large kitchen staff and a lot of prep work. By temporarily reducing our menu, we can provide a quality meal that will come in contact with as few people as possible. 

Further, providing in-house delivery by our trusted staff/waiters help us meet delivery demand and help us keep our staff employed through this unprecedented time. 

Where do we deliver?

We will only be delivering in the areas between Highway 49 and Highway 589. If you call to order, please give us a moment after obtaining your address so that we can confirm that you’re located in our delivery area.

How do I order?

By Phone

You can order delivery or carry-out by calling us directly at 601-450-0510 and selecting option 3. 

ChowNow App

You can order using our ChowNow with our app if you prefer. To download our ChowNow app, simply text the word “Cotton” to 33733 and follow the directions. Or you can download on your iPhone at this link.

If ordering with ChowNow, please be sure to select “DELIVERY INFO” from the limited menu and enter your address in the “Notes” field. If using the ChowNow app, we may call you to confirm your delivery address. Please take into consideration that the staff who will be delivering your food instead of serving you at the restaurant would greatly appreciate gratuities.

Thank you for your support in this unique situation, we will return to our full menu as soon as possible.