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Win free Cotton Blues every day​ for one year!

Like Pancakes? You could win Cotton Blues food for one year! We’re giving 10 people a chance to compete for free Cotton Blues food for a year!  On October 4th we will randomly select 10 entrants for an opportunity to compete in our Pulled Pork & Pancakes eating contest. The person to eat the most of our […]

Pulled Pork & Pancakes the must-try​ dish in South Mississippi

“If it’s not your idea, it’s not original, why do it?” When Cotton Blues, in Hattiesburg Mississippi first opened in 2012, chicken and waffles were a fast-growing food trend for restaurants around the country. Cotton Blues owner, Chris Ortego says they had a few requests for chicken and waffles, but a large chain restaurant opened […]

Why our Strawberry Icebox Pie almost never made the menu

Strawberry Icebox Pie — Lemon Icebox Pie’s Evil Twin The Strawberry Icebox Pie is one of the best selling desserts at Cotton Blues Restaurant in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. It’s light, creamy and bursting with fresh strawberries. But this amazing dessert almost failed to make it out of our test kitchen. It has to be exact, or […]

How Cotton Blues chef became the ambassador of southern cuisine

Dedication and Determination Jordan Creel did not always know he wanted to be a chef. In his early 20s, Creel worked in a few chain restaurants in Hattiesburg, where he says he grew tired of opening up bags of sauce and throwing them in the microwave. Creel wanted more, “If I’m going to do it, […]

How a kid from Purvis inspired a Mississippi treasure

MISSISSIPPI MADE Over the past seven years, Cotton Blues has become the premier destination for dining in Hattiesburg Mississippi. The restaurant’s commitment to celebrating the Southern Kitchen has resulted in elaborate dishes like their Praline Blackened Catfish and their Fried Green Tomatoes topped with tomato jam and pork belly. But the praise does not stop with […]

Smith’s Pure Honey

Smith Farm Pure Honey is a local, family-run, limited production apiary that produces raw honey and other hive products. Smith Farm uses natural Integrated Pest Management systems, rather than harsh chemicals dangerous to both bees and beekeepers, to help maintain the optimum health of our bees and quality of the honey. Remember, like many a […]