Mississippi’s best cheesecake now shipping nationwide

Mississippi Made Cheesecake — shipped nationwide to your doorstep

Cotton Blues 4lb whole cheesecake is now shipping nationwide straight to your door.

The cheesecake, which has been named Mississippi’s best multiple times, separates itself from other cheesecakes with its top-secret recipe.

What’s the secret?

While Cotton Blues won’t reveal all of their cheesecake secrets they will admit that part of their trick is what’s not in it. They unapologetically use zero fillers in the cheesecake filling.

Cotton Blues Cheesecake Nationwide Shipping
Mississippi Made | New York Approved

“Fillers like cornstarch and flour can give the cheesecake a pasty aftertaste,” says Cotton Blues Pastry Chef Shaun Davis. We stay away from those.

Cotton Blues crafts their famous cheesecakes in small batches at their state of the art Cheesecake Kitchen in Waynesboro, Mississippi. Each cheesecake is scratch-made with just seven high-quality ingredients, including premium graham cracker crusts, and Philadelphia Cream Cheese.

The cheesecakes are rich and luscious on their own (Original), but even better when swirled with blueberry, strawberry, or sea-salted caramel.

Don’t believe us, just look at Cotton Blues cheesecake reviews on Tripadvisor and Yelp.

“Eating cheesecake at this restaurant has pretty much ruined me eating cheesecake anywhere else…it’s a problem” writes Lacey H.

Even MasterChef Champ Whitney Miller can’t get enough of Cotton Blues Cheesecake.

“If I’m not making dessert, then I want some of Shaun’s cheesecake,” says Miller. “If you’ve never had a Cotton Blues cheesecake, then you have to try it.”

Mississippi Made – New York Approved

“We were already selling a lot of our cheesecakes in grocery stores in the south,” says Cotton Blues Cheesecake owner Chris Ortego. But people all over the country have been begging us to ship them nationwide. So we partnered with Goldbelly, and we can now ship anywhere in the United States.”

Ortego is excited to share his “Mississippi Made – New York Approved” product with consumers in places like California, Washington, Colorado, and yes even New York.

“We’ve had several New Yorkers eat at our restaurant and tell us it was the best cheesecake they’ve ever had, so we consider that a huge compliment,” says Ortego.

To have a Cotton Blues Cheesecake shipped straight from Mississippi to your door, visit Cotton Blues Goldbelly page here.

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