Cotton Blues Cheesecake

Mississippi Made | New York Approved

Cotton Blues, an independently owned restaurant in Hattiesburg, MS is experiencing exponential growth of their cheesecake business. The spike in sales happened when they began selling to grocery stores in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, and Texas.
Cotton Blues Cheesecakes began as a regular dessert on their restaurant menu, but customers started ordering whole cheesecakes for parties and social gatherings.


Lacey H.

The 4lb Cheesecake

To reach more customers, Cotton Blues began partnering with grocery stores. In a matter of months, markets from all over the southeast started carrying the 4lb cheesecakes.
The cheesecakes are crafted in small batches and offered in four flavors, original, strawberry, blueberry, and sea-salted caramel. Each sauce is scratch made, and the graham cracker crumb crust is carefully pressed.
“It’s very rewarding,” said Pastry Chef Shaun Davis. “I get to make people happy through a slice of cheesecakes.”
The proprietary value of Cotton Blues cheesecakes comes from their secret method of folding in the ingredients.  The process is so hush-hush that each employee taught the process is required to sign a non-disclosure agreement.
“I don’t care if we’re in thousands of grocery stores, ” said Cotton Blues owner, Chris Ortego. “It’s going to have to be handcrafted.”

“Go get one swear on life it’s literally heaven”

Mindy T.

Cotton Blues is now planning to expand into a cheesecake factory to meet demand.
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